Trading assets in the investment point of view for Binary and  Forex trading, is the amount invested in the procurement of assets which are intended for eventual resale at a future period of time for a greater profit.

Trading Assets:

Often banks and other financial institutions and business houses hold these types of assets with a hope of further rise in the value of the asset in the global market. The holding is intended to continue till the market is not able to offset both the purchase price and any costs associated with the assets. At the end the trader finds a sale price which is competitive and will be adequate to earn a good return to make the effort sensible.

Binary Forex Trading:

The trading assets behave in the same way and all the financial institutions, including the banks deal with it in the same manner. Even the central bank of the nation hold a good amount of this kind of assets for years long waiting for the market for the ideal to sale them and make a good deal of profit in the due course. Sometimes the assets can be kept like that for a number of years waiting for a perfect deal or sale offer. The assets are acquired for trading purposes only and held for a short span of time. Like any other product it affects the economy and market demand. When those are sold to the other buyers, in the global market, the demand and the market value of those assets will suddenly increase in Binary trading Forex.

But the risk involved in Binary options or Forex trading is too high  that no trading assets are risk free. Rather than an appreciation, there has always been a possibility of decline in the value of assets too. So it is advisable for the traders to invest money in short term trading assets as the risk factor can be predicted.